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Blue Morning

Mean Girls A Little Bit Dramatic 24oz Tumbler

Mean Girls A Little Bit Dramatic 24oz Tumbler

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Size & Quantity: 24-Ounce, Comes with Lid & 2 Straws

Iconic Mean Girls Tribute: Embrace your inner Regina George with this A Little Bit Dramatic tumbler, a nod to her iconic style. Perfect for fans, it's like having a piece of the Plastics charm with you.

Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler: Whether you're facing the cold calculus of high school social dynamics or just braving a busy day, this 24-ounce tumbler's got your back. Your beverages will stay as hot or cold as your latest gossip, making it your trusty^ sidekick through every plot twist. With a handy removable lid and two straws to choose from—a sassy red or a chic clear-you'll be ready to quip and sip at a moment's notice.

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